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As I walk the trail a thin layer of fog blankets the area. The hillsides are carpeted with buttercups and glacier Lilies covered with dewdrops. As the fog burns off, the early morning sun makes the flowers sparkle like little diamonds. Today is a good day to be going for a hike in the Hills and a great day to be a photographer.

A little farther up the trail I hear the cry of a coyote and then another. Looking up into the Hills in the distance I see them and what looks to be a couple of pups. Too far away to get a good photo but still a wonderful sight to see. Not wanting to disturb them I head off on one of the side trails. After a short distance I stop to photograph a Glacier lilly and see many Balsamroot that will soon be in bloom. Not far away I find Shooting Stars; a flower that goes back to Ancient Greek time. As the story goes, it was considered to have such beauty that it was protected by 12 Greek Gods. After reaching a spot overlooking the East Pond it was time for lunch. In the pond below I see a couple of Mallards enjoying a swim on this beautiful spring day. My mind begins to reminiscence about Tom Rogers. Tom not only was a friend but someone I would stay close to whenever he would lead a hike. From him I was able to learn a lot about various wildflowers, mushrooms, birds and other things nature related.

He was one of the original founders of the Dishman Hills Association. Tom passed away in 1999 at the age of 85. The Dishman Hills would not be what it is today without his tireless determination, commitment and dedication to protecting our fragile environment. The Hills don’t seem the same since he has been gone but he will always be with me in spirit. The next time someone tells you to take a hike, head for the hills, the Dishman Hills.

You can get maps of the Dishman Hills showing all the hiking trails at REI or the Northwest Map Service

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