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Better Spokane produces TV shows for a better Spokane for everyone. Better Spokane also obtains additional programs from other producers that can nurture a better Spokane to be broadcast on Community Minded TV.

  1. BulletIf you want to make a program to be shown on CM-TV, that nurtures a better Spokane for everyone we can help you.

Better Spokane videos are freely given to Spokane’s Community Minded TV, Channel 14. CM-TV is solely responsible for when the programs are played. Check the CM-TV for the weekly schedule of play times.

Some shows are available on Better Spokane’s web movies and YouTube.

Here are some of the shows:

  1. Bullet Music On Rich Leon Nature

  2. BulletBy Walkin Jim Stoltz
    There are some free downloads of select songs from his CD albums on the website.

  3. BulletOrder CD’s of Walkin Jim’s music

  4. BulletWalkin Jim songs played on the Nature TV shows that are free downloads include:

  5. BulletThinking Like A Mountain from the  Vision album

  6. BulletFriends Along the Way from The Long Trails album

  7. BulletEye of the Hunter from the Eye of the Hunter album

  8. BulletYou Don’t Need Ears to Listen from A Kid For The Wild

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  1. Bullet Drumheller Springs by a 3rd Grade Class

  2. BulletFall

  3. BulletSpring


  1. Bullet Spokane Bioneers Annual October Conference 2007

  2. BulletWinona LaDuke , John Abrams and 13 others with their insights and wisdom. Plus one local program from Bioneers Sokane 2007 See CM-TV.org schedule for air times.


  1. Bullet Bright Spirit - Bringing Local Food To Local People

  2. BulletFrom the movie: Our goal is to serve the community, Each community needs to become a self sustaining entity, Each person can begin to grow food, We inherited the pollution. We are the children. We get to deal with a mess we didn’t create. We figure out how to move forward. We can learn how to do this. There are a lot of solutions out there. We need to do them.

  3. The movie.           Larger size movie            MP3 Audio Download

  1. Bullet John Osborn - The Great River Of The West, Healing Our Region

  2. A region the size of France, History of ecological damage. “I owe the public nothing.” J.P. Morgan and corporations who took advantage of public lands and waters. From bed side healing to stream side healing, Imagine the great river of the west in full health, the salmon are back and people living well with nature, Two things to learn to live well in a region that has regained it’s health

  3. The movie.           Larger size movie            MP3 Audio Download


  1. Bullet Mysteries Of Out Spokane Nature Corridor

  2. BulletExplore 4.6 billion years of our Spokane Nature Corridor’s history. When was the first salmon feast in Spokane? Where is the oldest ancient tree? When did the dinosaurs disappear? When did the woolly mammoth and sabre tooth tiger live in the Spokane Nature Corridor? How many great flows of lava poured over our land? Was there more than one Great Flood? What climate changes have taken place? Was Spokane once along the Pacific Ocean? How was Spokane Falls created? These and other mysteries are explored.

  3. The movie.           Larger size movie            MP3 Audio Download